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Jeannine Higgins is a Houston-based singer/songwriter. Originally from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Jeannine grew up in a house filled with music. She cannot remember an age at which she wasn’t singing. In fact, she and her six siblings loved singing so much that the rule in her house was: “No singing at the dinner table.”
Her father and theater actress mother valued and encouraged music education. Jeannine studied piano and cello as a child. She studied voice in college and began playing guitar as an adult, after raising her three sons.

Jeannine has written several original songs. Her vocals are beautiful and crystal clear and she writes and sings in a boldly personal and honest style. Her lyrics resonate with the listener and capture raw emotion. Her performance is both moving and passionate. She performs in and around Houston and the US.

  • She was chosen to showcase at the Millenium Music Conference in Harrisburg, PA in February 2018 and her song, She Won't Stay  is included in the 2018 MMC compilation album. 

  • Her song, Not Like Me was awarded Winner, Best Song October 2016 by The Akademia.

  • Her self-titled debut album was released in early February 2018.

  • She has been interviewed and her original songs have had radio play on KPFT 90.1 in Houston, KWVH 94.1, Wimberley, TX, KTRU Rice Radio- 96.1 FM, QWiK Rock 105.9, State College, PA, WNIR-National Indie Radio and A.V.A Radio.

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